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Sep 9, 2016

Library Grand (?) Opening

I got a little excited about the new school year! Our library is unattached from the main buildings, and this was how I decorated one entry. I suppose it wasn't technically a "Grand Opening," but a sign like that would look a little less exciting if it just said "Opening," right?

Feb 1, 2016

Bookebration: Game Day!

It's the end of the quarter, so that means that all of my students who met their A.R. reading goals get to attend the Bookebration! Last time we danced, and this time we'll play - board games, that is. I am truly looking forward to seeing my loves interact with one another and non-digital entertainment!

I can't assume that all of my students will know how to play the games I make available to them, so I plan to begin by sharing these brief tutorials before we get started.

Boggle - Part 1
Boggle - Part 2
Boggle - Part 3
Boggle - Part 4
Boggle - Part 5
Pop-o-matic Trouble 

Jan 14, 2016


Hope you enjoyed the session. Here is the link to our presentation: Captivated Presentation

Yours happily ever after,