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Nov 28, 2012

DIY Pete the Cat Costume

I wanted to share this picture of Hannah, my Scholastic Book Fair Consultant, in her homemade "Pete the Cat" costume. Isn't it cute? She left instructions in the comments below...


  1. That's a great costume! Any idea how the head was made?

  2. Hi! Its Hannah,from Scholastic! I made the head by using a 12" bouncy ball from Toys R Us, then used a paper mache mix to cover it. I set the ball in a metal mixing bowl to stabilize it and it helps leave room for the neck hole. It took about a week of paper mache layers and dry time to build a solid form. Then I bought duct tape and poster board to cut and form the ears and taped them on. You also need to build out his cheeks a little with poster board to create the football-like shape. Cover all of this in mache and let dry. Next I used a box cutter to remove a little triangle for the 'nose' which also served to let me see out! My favorite part was buying a spray adhesive and carefully cutting and fitting inexpensive blue felt material over the head. One this is all complete, you just glue on the whiskers and eyes, and you are ready to go! :) It also helps to buy the pre-fab mache sheets to add a little more stability. I would say it took about 4-5 days, just because of the drying process.

  3. My granddaughter wants to be Pete for Halloween! Thanks for info for the head! It's a great starting place for us