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Mar 9, 2013

A Librarian's Prayer

Years ago, God blessed me with a wonderful position as an elementary school librarian in a lovely media center. Along with that blessing came a 25 minute commute. From time to time, I lament the time I lose simply driving to and from my job.

But then God reminds me that my commute time is very special, for it's OUR time. I praise Him, thank Him, plead with Him, confess to Him, and express anything else that is on my heart. He reveals His presence by comforting me, accepting me, and assuring me of His care and love.

A while back, I was led to sum up my commute prayer in these words:

Lord, help me remember to do what You'd have me do, say what (and ONLY what) You'd have me say, and help me build relationships. Amen.

This week, He helped me see more clearly how important it is to build relationships. HE gave me this:
It's about the PEOPLE not the PROGRAM.
It's about the LIVES not the LESSONS.
It's about the BODIES not the BOOKS.
It's about the SOULS not the SCHEDULES.
This is actually quite opposed to my natural inclination, as I am a task-master and list-maker! But I did see, when I made this my prayer, that God gave me a heart to follow through. And the result was a very gratifying day! My sincere investment of time and concern for my students and colleagues blesses them and me. Oh, to be used by God in His plan!

I hope you have a lovely week and that you'll trust that God has a plan for you that includes being in His plan for others!

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