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Mar 19, 2014

Library Entrance and Exit Tips

In Harry Wong fashion, I've always taught my students procedures for entering and exiting the library. After many years, it has evolved into this: Enter through the door on the right. Line up with one foot on a red square, and wait for instructions. To exit, place one foot on a blue square in front of the Goodbye Door. 


The squares are just duct tape, and the colors don't matter as long as one represents entering and another represents exiting.

Things to remember...
1. Ask permission before applying the tape - it doesn't come up easily!
2. The tape pieces need to be spaced far enough apart to allow for personal space.
3. For those who pretend to be standing on a square but aren't, I send them to the back of the line. It may sound harsh, but most of them don't test you after a couple of weeks of practice.

Yours happily ever after,

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