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Oct 9, 2012

Build-A-Blog: The Fun Steps

Once I settled the fundamentals (see this post), it was time for a couple of fun steps: first to snag the web address and then to install the web template.

I used my Google account to sign into and  clicked "New Blog." At this point there are two boxes to complete: Title and Address. This provides the option for having a title that is different from your address. Since I prefer that they be the same, I just skipped the "Title" box and went straight to the "Address" box. I began typing in my ideas for blog titles. Blessedly, the one I wanted was still available, so I took it by clicking the "Create Blog" button!

Purchasing the blog design I wanted from Honey Bunch Blog Design was a great experience. By following their instructions, they were given temporary admin rights to install the design for me. Easy-peasy!

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