Trekking through the wilds of library instruction, management, and fun!

Oct 6, 2012


I've been an educator for over 17 years - first as a classroom teacher in elementary and middle schools and later as a school librarian. Library Safari is my place to ...
  • log what I'm doing for reference and reflection
  • build a community of school librarians and literacy educators for support and sharing ideas
I absolutely love finding ideas for growing my students' literacy skills and love of reading. I'm looking forward to sharing these ideas and learning from you as well. I hope you'll join me on this adventure!


  1. Welcome to blogging Mikki! Your blog design is precious! I am excited to see all of the activities and books you'll be sharing. =)

    When you get the chance, add a follow button. You can go to design at the top of your blog and layout. Choose add a gadget and the follow button will be the 9th choice. I would love to follow you.

    I would love for you to hop over and visit me when you get the chance. =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks for dropping by Heather! I will definitely get some follow options posted asap. I look forward to following you too!

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