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Aug 30, 2013

It's Back! Reuniting with A.R.

Well, it's Friday, the beginning of a long weekend, and I'm having a hard time winding down. I feel like I've just stepped off an Accelerated Reader roller coaster after a week-long ride!

Monday: Prepared to begin this year's A.R. program. Excited and focused.
Tuesday: Learned that we would not have A.R. this year. Sad and stunned.
Wednesday: Searched for alternatives. Anxious and overwhelmed.
Thursday: Formed a committee to help me figure things out. Calm and determined.
Friday: Learned that we WOULD use A.R. after all! Elated, disappointed, relieved, confused.

I realize this is probably not something you can relate to, but I felt compelled to let you in on the story, after sharing yesterday's post about how I'm not a fan of A.R. anymore. So, there it is. Now let's go enjoy our long weekend, but be sure to check back in Monday to see if we still have A.R. ;)

Yours Happily Ever After,


  1. I totally understand. I was told from my district: would get library funds, wouldn't get funds, would get funds, no wait will get funds but at 2011 amount. Oh the joys of starting school without a budget. Whatever. I'm to the point now - believe it when I see it!
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I truly didn't believe anyone would understand. Following you on Blog Lovin!

  2. I also can relate. I never know from year to year if I have a budget or not. If they will freeze the budget mid year or if they will allocate part of my funds for me before I even get my budget. My budget has been the same amount for as long as I have been in the district.