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Aug 14, 2013

My Book Fairy Costume

While not the most flattering costume you'll ever wear, this DIY "Book Fairy" or "Library Fairy" or (best yet) "Diction Fairy" costume sure is a lot of fun to make! After shopping a few yard sales and the thrift store, as well as raiding my mom's craft closet and dress-up box (for her grandchildren ;), she and I created this...


We basically followed the directions from the original post at  Lilliedale, and I encourage you to go see the original. As for ours...
  • The supplies used were a Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, scotch tape, glue guns, notions such as ribbon, cording and beads, a belt, a  tiara, red glitter foam, a toy scepter (?)
  • The headpiece is an old tiara with a piece of glitter foam behind the rhinestones
  • The scepter is some strange toy I picked up at a yard sale. It has multicolored LED lights in both ends and has a disco ball effect when turned on. I covered it in ribbon.
  • There's much less fluff in my skirt than on the original - a good and necessary thing, since I have enough back there anyway!
  • The pages on the tutu is attached to a belt we found at the thrift store.
  • All of the pages came from the dictionary, the cover of which became the foundation for the wings.
You can read about how I used this costume by clicking here. If you've made a similar costume, I'd love to hear about it!


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  2. I would really love to know some detail on how you made the wings! Please message me back! Thanks! -Sarah