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Aug 18, 2013

Library Welcome Letter to Parents

I wanted to share with you the letter I'll be sending home to parents this week. This "Back to School" letter will give parents an idea of my schedule, what I'll be teaching, and how to contact me. Click on this preview to open the document.

I'm big on conserving my "copy count," so I tried to make the font big enough to be readable after I shrink-to-fit two of these on one page. After you click on the link and open the document, you can edit it by selecting "File," then "Download," then "Save File." Then click on the green arrow in the upper right corner of your screen. Select "Library Sample Letter" from the drop down menu, and click "Enable Editing" in the yellow bar at the top of your screen. If you have any questions, use my "Contact Me" form to let me know, and I'll try to help you!

Yours Happily Ever After,

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