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Aug 16, 2013

The Book Fairy at Back to School Night

I've never really been a key player on Back to School Night. While parents were intent on going to visit their children's classroom teachers, few ever made their way to the library. After reading the Back to School post at Elementary Librarian, I was inspired to make some changes this year! She created a fabulous AR Guide for Parents, which I downloaded, personalized for our school (some of her information was different from ours), and copied on shockingly bright paper. My principal suggested I leave the library and distribute them to parents in the hallways. So, I donned my Book Fairy costume, placed my brochures in a basket and went out to where the people were! I had such a great time meeting parents, answering questions, and entertaining the children, and I look forward to doing it next year, too!

Yours Happily Ever After,

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